signposts for the over 50s

signposts for the over 50s

“We grow neither better or worse as we get old, but more like ourselves.”

May L Becker

For many people facing career transition post-50, through redundancy or restructuring, flexibility and income are not necessarily an issue.

The options may be plenty – consultancy, NED, self-employment, travel, charity work – the issue is deciding what’s the right move and how to get in touch with the ‘me’ that is facing this move (as opposed to the ‘me’ who was defined by 20+ years in one organisation).

This programme offers tools and techniques to get the thinking process going.

The programme includes:

  • review of skills and experiences
  • refocus on lifestyle, values and motivations
  • strategies for realistic assessment of options
  • turning thoughts into reality

It provides a place to review the first half of life and be more confident in moving towards a more meaningful second half.



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