career orientation for recent graduates

career orientation for recent graduates

Having good people in the wrong job limits their motivation and contribution; frequently, individuals need specialist support to gain a fresh perspective on the situation.

Invariably, graduates complete their course of study feeling satisfied with the course but confused and unsettled about their future and conscious of the fact that they are making decisions which affect the rest of their life.

Before they commit to a particular direction, they seek confirmation that the work they put in during their years of study means that they are still on track for the career of their choice and, if not, what other options there might be.

They want the chance to sound out ideas with someone who operates fairly and squarely in the world of work, not well-meaning parents or friends, or friends of parents…the opportunity to get objective feedback, not only on their career choices, but also how they should present themselves in a professional environment.

Ad astra provides a one-off career orientation session which enables young people to review themselves in this formative stage of their career.

You will:

  • receive support in evaluating your career development to date
  • receive personalised feedback on an established personality-profiling tool
  • gain an understanding of the principles of career management and how you can use them to drive your career for life
  • receive clarification, through the above, on your career objectives and personal development needs
  • get support in creating strategies for career management



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