career counselling

career coaching

Having good people in the wrong job limits their motivation and contribution; frequently, individuals need specialist support to gain a fresh perspective on the situation.

The career coaching programme is designed for people in transition; those who have reached a turning point in their life and need support in finding a direction. It helps them to recognise where their potential lies and it gives them support in achieving it.

The aim is to clarify direction by focusing on your uniqueness and exploring your lifestyle, values, goals and ambitions.

This is a modular programme and is designed to create personal solutions for you, according to your particular needs, and with focused support from an experienced career coach.

Elements of the programme will include all or some of the following:

  • review of skills, values and attitudes
  • review of lifestyle, goals and ambitions
  • review of past experience
  • barriers to achieving goals
  • personality-profiling
  • self-marketing
  • interview skills
  • networking skills

Career coaching provides a fresh perspective and promotes a positive environment within which individuals are able to develop the right solution.



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