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It takes two to tango

It takes two to tango. That’s what I thought when fellow career coach John Lees directed me towards an article about how not to be an old fogey in the office.

I’ve changed my mind!

The career choice that’s never talked about – what if you’ve accepted a job offer but really, truly, you’re waiting to hear about a better one? Is it ethical to accept, knowing you might resign before the ink is dry on the employment contract? How do you decide, anyway?

Who are you?

How would you describe yourself? When you’re in the job-search process you need to be clear about who you are and what you have to offer. Sounds simple, but pitching it correctly sets the scene for your future career- so give it some thought.


'It's easier to get a job when you're in a job'; 'A decision about appointment is made in the first 30 seconds of an interview'; 'If I put my age on my CV it'll automatically get assigned to the reject pile'; 'It's harder to get a look in if you've been made redundant'. Truths or myths?


Psychometric testing - jumping through hoops for a recruitment decision which has been made already, over lunch? Not necessarily - let's take an objective look at it.

Making choices

Stop kidding yourself - you do have a choice. Yes, you! Your hands are not tied. Get real, wake up and take action.

Eight steps to career success

Reached the end of your career tether? No time for the flowery life-changing books which talk of potential and fulfilment? This is the quick-fix guide to managing your career. Click quick, then! No time to lose...

The meaning of work

Do you work to live or live to work? Does work have to be a treadmill or is it really possible to find some meaning and fulfilment?



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