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“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.”

Douglas Adams

Alternatives. For inspiration! A powerfully supportive community for those undergoing change or just grappling with everyday life.

AskHow2. Quick access to business know-how. Pose any question and you can soon become well-informed!

Career Innovation Group. Research-based career resources for professionals

Connexions Gateway. Aimed at youngsters but the jobs4u is a useful source of data for anyone who wants the complete picture on alternative careers - aptitudes, training, likely salary etc.

Dreambuilders' Community . Inspiration from Nick Williams. Dreambuilders supports people whose belief in their personal potential may mean that they are sometimes treading a lonely path. Practical, challenging yet inspirational help for the self-employed.

Fish4 Jobs. The biggest listing of job ads which appear in local and national newspapers

IDDAS (Independent Direction: Directors' Advisory Services). IDDAS is an advice and support service for senior executives who have reached a crossroads in their career. IDDAS enables them to make the right decision, through a programme of appraisal, advice and practical support.

Labrow Marketing. Much more than just a Web site! Peter Labrow has not only designed a great Web site for Ad astra, but, through truly understanding the needs and constraints of a small business, provides ongoing support in the form of broader marketing advice.

RHL. The company which prints my brochures and leaflets. They have advanced plate image lasering, repro studio, printing and finishing equipment and operate 24x7. E-mail RHL

Team Focus. Profiling for Success is the on-line psychometric assessment facility from Team Focus, a European leader in the field of psychological assessment. Profiling for Success tests are available to Ad astra's clients for use within their organisation for a variety of situations.

Total Jobs. A comprehensive job ads site which includes useful salary data



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