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about Wingman

"Ad astra." (To the stars.)

Part of The Royal Air Force motto, which was taken from "People of the Mist" by H Rider Haggard

WingmanWingman is a key - and playful - part of our identity. Wingman is stepping off confidently 'to the stars' - his ultimate personal goal. (Hence our name, Ad astra. Though in many cases, reaching your dream goal is not always as easy as one would like, a realism also recognised in the full version of the well-known Royal Air Force Motto "Per ardua, ad astra" ("through adversity, to the stars").

Wingman's confidence in achieving his ambitious goal is as a result of his self-awareness, recognising his ambitions and being able to realise them through his own skills. Wingman was designed to show:

  • confidence
  • individuality
  • clarity of direction
  • a sense of fun
  • the ability to achieve ambitious goals

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