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Self-marketing as an independent practitioner

January 2005 (Adobe PDF: 295kb)

Article published in Professional Marketing magazine, to help independent practitioners to focus on marketing themselves.


Career professionals need help in driving their career, too!

Whether you're new to the profession or have been operating as a career professional for a while, the way to provide the best support for your clients is by operating within a professional and ethical framework, and through being committed to developing your own career.

The Association for Career Professionals is an organisation with members who provide lifelong career-related services. Career professionals help individuals and businesses assess and leverage skills and talents to achieve success. ACP provides professional development, marketing and networking opportunities for its members and in 2008 aligned UK membership with The Institute of Career Guidance, strengthening opportunities to enhance our professional skills.

Ad astra values the genuine spirit of openness within the career management community - some independents, some not, some very experienced and respected people, some new to the profession - all are willing to support, share and learn from each other.

Association of Career Professionals

Instutite of Career Guidance

Institute of Career Certification International

One very tangible and practical way of supporting your personal development is by gaining accreditation with the only international career management certification programme, with The Institute for Career Certification International.

ICC International certifies practicing Career Management Professionals. Formed in 1994, ICC International is an independent member supported accrediting organisation. Truly international, Board members come from seven countries, and its Practitioners and Fellows can be found throughout the world.

There are benefits to career practitioners, to our industry as a whole and to our clients, to raise standards for practice by becoming accredited.



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