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Ad astra Career Management

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"No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings."

William Blake

Ad astra helps individuals and organisations to plan and manage career paths - in order to achieve greater job satisfaction and career success.

We provide a range of consulting and coaching services, from practical facilitation sessions through to personality profiling/psychometric testing and workshops for teams and individuals, all geared towards getting real results - with measurable benefits.

We can help those people who are:

  • seeking promotion or greater career success and want to maximise their talents.
  • facing redundancy and need help with evaluating their career options, writing their CVs and refining their interview techniques.
  • looking for a career change (perhaps even wanting to go freelance or self-employed).
  • feel that they are in the wrong job and desire a more enjoyable and rewarding role.
  • having problems at work which they need to resolve in order to return to a more enjoyable working life.
  • at a crossroads in terms of career and not sure which way to turn.
  • suffering from work-related stress-management issues which are interfering with their work, home life and job satisfaction.
  • missing a good work/life balance and need to get both elements of their life into proportion and perspective.
  • graduates and other young people who are seeking orientation before launching themselves into a career.



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